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Friday, February 20, 2009

Crazy Dreams

Hello all and thanks to any one who takes the time to read this bit of madness. I am going to try and make my blog about my world so maybe it will some how translate into a explanation for the plethera of creepy as my sister calls it art.
Today as I sit more exhausted
than when I went to bed due to the constant dreams I am curious as to why I dream like this. For example last night I was moving to a small town in the midwest filled with only couple of all ages from all across the world. It sounded great till I realized they all loved the walmart and well I believe walmart is the devil. Any how we then all got rounded up and taken on buses to get out of the town. I directly went to work trying to get off the bus because my other half was not there and I suspected some kind of deviant activity. I got to him to find him trying to lead a group of small children into the woods to keep them safe from what ever was happening to those on the bus. we were hiking up in the woods when we heard crashing screaming metal like the buses were being torn apart. The buses were under seige from some kind of godzilla like animal and it looked as if it was on set up almost as a buffet for him. I woke up trying to hide the
childrens eyes.
Now see this is not useful it would be a interesting dream if it wasnt every freaking night. So today I shall work on a painting of the monster and the buses to try and remove it from my dream pattern. I would love to know what others dream.


  1. my dreams to can be so unreal. i see my feature sometimes. just like i knew i was going to get in a motorcycle accident 6 years ago. i dreamed it a week before it happen. i was so wrapped up in love/lust at the time i forgot all about the dream, until i was released from the hospital 2 months after to never walk again. i over came the walking part. i walk w/ my tiny pimp limp. but i one time i should have listened to myself.

  2. ah excellent example of a useful dream there. I do have the premonition dreams as well but usually just some new hell for the night. That is wonderful that you got back to walking omg what a feat. I do agree with you on the listening to yourself I refuse no matter if its logical or not to do any thing that goes against my intuition.