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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Insurance companies latest scam

well I turned on the TV this morning to discover why I don't watch fox news. I guess it is the weekend so they don't even try and give the pretence of real neutrality. They had on a guy talking sponsored by insurance companies about their latest assault upon our health care. Now the insurance companies are going to where you have a general practitioner and then if you are admitted to the hospital you only have a "hospitalist". This would be a Doctor with no office who only has patients that are in the hospital. They figure that they save 1700 on average per patient this way. Now of course the crack news teams only comment was we are sure people worry because they don't know the doctor. Then he responded with how this is equalized by the fact that the doctor spends the whole work day there and can see you more often. And of course I am paraphrasing here. Now what amazed me was not one word was said about the fact we already pay a mint to get insurance and this was not a option but a new forced rule. The other thing is when you pick a general practitioner you can choose whom ever you want. You can look for experience obviously see if they have been sued or lost their medical license at some point what ever you want. With this your still paying for that but you are left to maybe get some great doctor that has 15yrs experience and is awesome or get some completely incompetent jackass you would not let work on your dog at the vet. Why do people not just start having protest outside the insurance companies buildings.

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