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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The News Today

Ok four things infuriated me today and I am amazed at peoples urge to get along and ignore outlandish bullshit. First they show that picture of Rihanna after being beat the crap out of. First of just because it was leaked is no reason that every station in the world has to put the picture out there what a invasion of privacy. My second huge bitch is when they ask any of the celebrities on the street what do you think of the situation no one wants to comment. When the hell did it become inappropriate to out right call a man a trash for beating up his girlfriend and call his ass out on it. I mean are we really that much of a politically correct society that now we cant speak out against shocking disgusting behavior. Any way that is my two cents about that.
My third shock was when a puppy mill was closed with 200 pets a tiger and a variety of other crazy animals. I cant believe there are jerks still getting breeder dogs and cats. What the hell do you only love people who can show their lineage back 10 generations. It is fucking sick that with so many animals out there in need of homes some ass hats are out there paying ungodly amounts of money for a animal that probably till a few days before you came was bred or kept in abject squaller. Then what was my final and fourth shock for the morning news before I turned it off to disgusted to watch more was that apparently people are very interested in the puppies because a bunch are purebred. Well to those of you who only want certain kinds and have no problem with breeding I defend your right to do so and hope you choke on a hair ball.

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  1. LOL... love that last comment. I can agree you all the way girl. WTF is the world coming to. I don't watch the news just because of BULLSHIT. It's all BS.