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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Creating Via Dreams

The image above came from what I guess would be construed as a recurring nightmare. In the dream I had a killer come to my house where I realized he was actually terrified of me and wanted to tell me to stop following him. I left him standing there next to another person he killed to go to the town hall /police department and report him. When I got there I found all the people staring at this doll that I had hidden in storage but some one must have gotten out. What was odd about it was that I hate dolls. The children all had cracks in their skin like it was rubber and lesions all over. Their eyes were completely black with no eye ball inside. They were all doing repetitive actions over and over and as I ran out of the building overwhelmed by the creepy factor I saw these 3 holding the doll. I have had some folks say why create such dark images but for me I see no reason not to. I have found that creating them often removes the dream from my cycle of dreams. So in closing I would love to hear how often you create what you dream at night good or bad.

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