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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Find your Destresser

In this day of wake up early and go to bed late, work 15hr days, and just general over scheduling we all need to find our de stresser. In the last few weeks I have talked to several of my fellow artist or small business owners who have told me they are completely burnt out. Some have said they cant sleep or have trouble focusing. Well after some discussion it has turned out that each of those folks has turned what ever they used to do as their sole de stresser is now their job. So my post is just to encourage all of us to make sure we find a balance.

I have tons of hobbies. They include every thing from boxing to bird watching but one of the most relaxing I have found is gardening.

I love the satisfaction of having my own beautiful and inexpensive cut flowers as well the taste of my own fresh vegetables. In this season of spring my little plants are gr owning and I can spend a little time each day playing in the dirt.

So in closing try to find some thing you don't do for any one but you and enjoy. I truly believe it keeps you fresh in your spirit so you can show up feisty for the rest of your day. I will be doing a post soon on gardening tips for those who are interested.

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  1. Yes, I agree! Everybody seems to be stressed out these days because of the economy, so when you can fill your days with enjoyable things - it recharges the spirit.