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Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Green Creations

The last few days as I go around what I affectionately call my art cave looking for what I can give the new life it has just been waiting for a shot I have been very lucky. This is a picture of a work I have put in my Etsy shop that I love. For some reason the tile I have had for 2 yrs the cork I have had for 3 and the shell fragments from a gifting a few months ago all suddenly spoke to me. I love this work because these are not 3 items you would typically see together. Just thought I would share. There is of course always new things in all 3 of my shops here are the links. Each have their own special vibe and right now is 10% of of my Artfire shop. Don't forget about our give away it is a few post down and easy to enter.