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Friday, April 24, 2009

Use The Things You Love

I received a call from a friend today to shore up our plans to get together this week. She recently moved back to the area and we are having a blast hanging out. When we talked she thanked me for some thing and I wanted to share it with you all. She told me that being at my home made her realize she wanted to go and look over her family photo albums. Then she thought of her family heirlooms and how many of mine are on display and she wanted to see those family items out in her home. So now we are going out to use one as a inspiration piece in each room.
So the moral of my little story is use what you love it will make you feel good. The picture above is of a little Mary Alter my grandmother had and loved so much she would not put it out side. When she passed away I was asked if there was any thing I wanted. I remember her devout faith and her love of this item and I asked for it. Now it sits directly across from where I have my morning coffee and every day I feel like she is there enjoying coffee as that was her favorite drink right along with me. While I am not Catholic I enjoy having it out as a reminder of her and her strength.
Remember heirlooms can be some thing you love that cost 50 cents. I don't believe this alter cost very much but I care for it like it was the Mona Lisa.
In closing if your itching for a change to a room try taking down some of the stuff you like and putting out some thing that you love.

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