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Friday, May 8, 2009

Big storm hit last night and it makes me grateful

I was going to blog about my most recent project and show a picture of it in progress but after last night I feel to lucky not to focus on the bigger picture. Last night we got a huge thunderstorm. No tornadoes or any thing just sever winds in excess of 60-70 miles at times and hail.

Not realizing how bad it was I went out to save my tomato plants thinking it was just pea sized hail. My sweet husband ran out with me and said let me grab the pot you have your seedlings in it is gonna be really heavy. While he was running back with it I heard several obscene comments about the rain. He was drenched and said man that hail was hard. I checked him out and I bet it hurt. He had 2 giant welts on his back shoulder area where it had hit him. That is when the news announced that we had walnut sized hail. The husband is fine gave him a hot bath in Epsom salts and a little TLC.

Woke up this morning to find trees down every where the neighbors yards are littered with them we were lucky out trees survived. Two buildings in our downtown collapsed due to the winds as well there are bunches of folks with out power.

I just keep thinking how my Husband could of been hit in the head not the shoulder, how our house is fine, the trees in our yard are fine and we did not even have a blip in our electricity. This makes me feel not only lucky but grateful to simply be ok. So ok we may not be the luckiest people in the world. My shops are slow to reach my goals for them. The husband is forever having to fix some thing around here. Now here is the big but in all of that. I will happily take the kind of lucky we are this morning it clearly shows its benefits. Today I just feel so grateful.

I will go into town later to try and get pics of the buildings but for now I got a neat one of one of the neighbors trees.

Thanks for reading your grateful friend

Cappy Sue

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  1. That's really scary. I'm glad you both are safe!