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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Comfort Zones

Well hello all I want to start with saying thank you to all the followers that have came on and good luck to every one with the giveaway. I want to say a special thank you to quelleheure4 because you are always kind and comment and it is very appreciated that you read the post.

Now enough of the gushy here is the thing on my mind today. I have been doing a lot of forum and friend critiques and looking at my sales every one and the signs point to folks want to see more and a wider array of photography from me.

Usually I love to take my photos from happenstance as they say now. Some situation where I wander across this moment that I feel compelled to capture or document for good or bad. So the ability to create more of them is not really there for me. So I started trying to think about posing shots. I have maybe 10 where I posed people, pets etc every thing else is chance.

This is where the comfort zone comes in. With painting I have a very set process with a big area I play with that is textures, papers, additives etc. So why not try posing things to create a photograph much like the layers of the painting. It took me hours of layering taking off and re layer but I think I have found some thing new I would never of tried if not pushed. So here is my little tidbit for the day. break out just a little at least past your comfort zone once in a while it can be really inspiring. I put up a couple of the photos I did to show you what I tried. Have a great day yall.
PS. And yes I did play with the colors greatly on my art program :)

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