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Friday, May 1, 2009

Diatomaceous earth a healthy flea and pest control

Hello again all I am writing today about another green thing in the world. A environmentally friendly pest control. I came across this great stuff a couple of summers ago and have found out it works great. Several times now on twitter etc I have heard people asking about a earth friendly pest control. Well this one works great.
Diatomaceous earth is ground up fossils that are not dangerous to humans or animals but cuts threw the waxy coating on spiders, fleas, roaches, and a variety of other nasty things you never want in your home. This dehydrates them and kills them with in 72hrs.

A couple of summers ago we found fleas on our dog. So knowing that one of our cats was allergic to any of the common flea meds we went looking for another option. This was that option. You can sprinkle it in your carpet where the pets lay, rub it into their fur, and use it all over your yard. Our problem cleared right up and we have not had one since. We did cover the yard last spring to stop any problems before they started and it worked. The stuff is so safe you can actually eat it. Now I did so before I put it on my pets and I was just fine. There are some things you need to be sure about when using this as there are several different kinds of Diatomaceous earth.

1. Always get it from a green pet store this will not be at your petco or petsmart or get it at your health food store. I have called before looking for it they know what it is. The reason is it must be food grade. Their are other types of Diatomaceous earth used to keep pools clean and in oil spill cleaners that can hurt your pet if they consume it.

2. When applying it to your pet remember they will be dusty so it will be in your house and try not to get it up their or your nose. the small particles can get pretty dust cloud like quick so keep big movements down during application.

3. If you decide to use it on carpets or furnishing be sparing. A little goes along way. The picture above is where I used a old Parmesan cheese can to sprinkle it from. This stuff does cut up flea egg sacs so it is worth it if you have a infestation. Just remember it can be hard on your vacum cleaner if you go crazy with it.

Here are a couple of websites that have more information on the subject as well. I just wanted to make more information on it available to every one.

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  1. I'm going to look into that. I wonder if it can be used around the foundation as a deterrent type thing.