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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A little Magic

This is just a image I made for a little girls birthday cards that I love. It seems to fit the bill for today's topic. Today is all about finding the magic in life.
Yesterday I took my sketch book my one just for me not for ideas for things for my shop down to the local historic district. I took up residence on a bench and put on head phones with goofy music. Soon I was doing quick sketches of the folks passing by, enjoying my chicory coffee I brought from home to be frugal and having a great time. I don't go any where with out my camera either and I really got a wonderful set of sky pictures and a picture of a awesome old couple having lunch.
They were so pleased some one saw them as photo worthy they want a copy of the picture. Which I will be sending them as thanks for letting me put it in my portfolio when I get them printed.
while I sketched I was watching another lady with her kid talking on her cell phone at a bistro table. It was so sad. She barely engaged her child he was about 5 and wanted so much to chat with her. She just complained about the wind never once looking up at the clouds that wind was helping along. Honestly she seemed like she could have been any where else and it would not of mattered.
Now there are plenty of times I get focused on what I am doing and don't notice what is going on around me. Also she did nothing wrong by doing just that. However I don't ever want to forget it is a conscious decision to either see the magic around you or be oblivious.
I hope you all have a great weekend and see some magic for yourselves.

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