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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Notes From The Past

Normally I would not include pictures of myself in my blog because I love the anonymity but this time I thought I would make a exception. This was my 4Th birthday party. looking at this I find it humorous that I still love the smurfs. In fact I play their theme music on my song list in my art studio aka the art cave.
But my reason for posting this is that my birthday is again approaching on me and I recently came across a old box of journals etc and inside were 2 notes I wrote myself one when I was 16 and one at 25 for when I was 30. Well I am 31 this year so I opened them up. It was hysterical on both fronts. Some was very naive of course but most honestly was good. I am delighted that the me I am now has met most about 80-90% of the criteria the me of those times had. That in fact I would not feel compelled to kick my own ass.
It did give me a great illumination of the things I do want to work on like more travel and always striving to be a better person. Usually I avoid the past because well as we all know it is the past and it is always easier to remember the bad then the good. Tonight I think I will do a little reminiscing with some old photo albums and then after I have done my best to hold on the good put them away for a while again. Have a great day all.

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  1. What a fun look back. It is pretty funny that you still like the smurfs! :-)