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Monday, May 18, 2009

Realized I could do more

Today I played with my friendly little stray kitty again. She is getting where she will let me touch her and pick her up a bit. She also brought me a mouse that she killed as her way of contributing to the family. She got me thinking when she did that about what more I can do to help. Yes my home is a zoo according to my nieces and nephews of unwanted animals. I also make donations periodically to shelters etc. So OK what more can I do well I am going to start donating 10% of all profits at my shop and any where I sell to various no kills and rescues. I will pick one each month that is close by so each month a different one can benefit from it. I am also going to make this print and sell it at the festivals etc that I do. All the profits from this particular print will go to the animal shelters.

This is not me bragging at all it is just my way of saying if you see a problem do what you can to help. I have read that many of the close by animals friends as I call them have websites with wish list of items. usually things like food, blankets, old working carriers. They also need folks to donate time. Their is a very nifty one near me that is just for orphaned kittens I may see if they could use me. The time part does not have to be just cleaning cages either. Many have adoption events at major animals stores and just need help getting the animals there and people to say there with them. So any how this is what I am going to do to help the problem. Have a great day everyone

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