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Monday, May 11, 2009

Skeletons and Strawberries

This is a weird day where I have a million things I want to do and seem to be getting them all done. Usually I am half way threw and confused as to what is left to do.

Today is all about following my instincts. I find that they are your best every thing. They will tell you when your in danger, often send you in the right direction and naturally gravitate you toward your joy.

So you may be asking what do strawberries and skeletons have to do with joy. Well here it is. They bring me joy. I love the smell, taste, look, texture and even the flowers of strawberries. The skeleton well I love them to. Some how throw a bow on it and they crack me up. I find them so cute. That one is for my niece she is taking swimming lessons and at 11 has decided she is goth and wanted a bag for her swimsuit that would match her new style. I thought this was a happy medium.

My point is just that spending maybe a hour working on those two things doing what I love and was naturally pulled towards has made the more mundane the dishes, dinner, vacuum, dog washing etc seem far less of a pain. Because I know that when I burn threw those things it is back to the strawberries and skeletons I go.

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