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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stray Kitty

This is a picture of kitties I made a series of photos about. I helped them find homes but being strays some just disappeared.
My reason for posting them is that while I had a great time doing a BBQ with my hubby helping another stray was how I spent most of the last two days.
The poor little thing looks to be under a year old and had clearly had or is going to have kittens. She came up starving begging for food. So far I have found a couple of groups that say they will help but getting a hold of them is the equivalent of trying to get into fort Knox. So I just wanted to say please any one out there get your pets spayed. Be obtrusive and push others to do the same. So many people abandoned these poor cats and dogs because they never thought they would lose there jobs etc. Then you are left not only with a homeless animal but often with one that starts breeding.
I know some folks will say hey it is our property and it is our business if we get them fixed. Yes that may be true according to the law. That however has no realistic value in general pet human relationship and is more for the purpose of farm animals. So any how we are not going to stop trying till we find her a home and I am feeding her trying to get her to be a little friendly but it is such a shame that there are so many out there. Just wanted to hit on this topic while it was in my mind.


  1. You're doing a great thing by calling attention to this!

  2. cappy sue, i tagged you too!

    haha, that rhymed!