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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dreams And What They Mean

Well last night was one of those up all night because dreams kept waking me nights. I dreamed that my mother was still alive and drove a tiny car into a huge truck but was fine. I dreamed that she literally magically then reappeared behind me and said hello. I took her home after we filed a police report and there she was excited to pet her cat who is also no longer with us here in the waking world. I was so excited she was there but she told me it was time to go and I woke up.

The next dream I was in the woods and a huge rainstorm hit. I ran into this cave to wait it out and fought a animal I think was a bear. It was tearing me up pretty good but I woke up biting it back. Sadly in reality it was my husbands shoulder that I bit and left a pretty good mark on to.

The last dream was trying to save children from a compound where they do testing for all kinds of crazy science experiments. I just about had them out when I woke up. That dream had me almost balling from some of the things I saw while trying to sneak out the ones I could save.

So my Question is what do dreams mean. I am going to look up some of the symbolism in these today and try to come back with a answer by Friday. Tomorrow I am going to do my new featured Etsy shop and it is a great place to shop for Fathers day.

Thanks for reading my rant all I am going to go and try and get a nap before my nieces come over this afternoon. Also I would love to know what your dreams are like.

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