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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Going To Spend Time With The Family

Well I made a similar little charm for myself. Then my niece fell in love with it so this is not for my shop but for her. I am preparing to take her and each of my nieces and nephews a small little summer fun item. Recently my sister and myself have gotten very into trying to spend more time with the whole family together as we lost several folks the last few years and really want to enjoy these times together.
So today I go visit my brother who I don't see to much because I am a planner he is not so we rarely are ready to hang out at the same time. I see his kids plenty but that is because we both try to schedule that time so he gets a breather from watching 4 hooligans and I get some one on one with the brood. He is going to show me his garden. I am going to take my camera I think just for fun.
My father will be there. He has a pie plate he wants to return me and a windshield wiper for my hubby to put on. Don't know about my sister but we will be getting together sat for are girls chat time if at all possible.
Not one of these things is very important on its own but if we can work it out where we have a few hours of drinking iced tea and sharing stories all the better. So my little thought for the day is to really try to make life sweet where you can.

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