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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Happy Weekend of Busy

Well this was a really busy weekend. Now most of the time I don't go 3 days with out blogging. Also forgot to get my featured Etsy shops permission this week so I need to wait on that. But what makes it worth while was I had a wonderful busy weekend.

The busy weekend has taken a terrible wrap. Oh I had no time to wind down. To busy to enjoy any thing. So on and so on. However if you only allow them to swoop on you every once and a while they are very fun.

Friday was me and the husband doing errand upon errand. So that by night fall we were asleep faster than your average chicken. Of course that is a joke as I don't know how fast they fall asleep.

Then Saturday we bought a used car in the morning. We washed the dogs in the afternoon which is a several hour process with furry lunatics jumping out and trying to run all the time. And to round up the night we family out to celebrate Fathers Day with my father. It was a good time laughing and carrying on.

Sunday we gave the care a once over, up keep on the yard which also resulted in a water fight. Grocery shopped, oh and I broke into our garage because we accidentally locked the keys in there. By evening I had some time to paint and hubby had time to do what ever it is he does when I am painting.

My reason for listing all of this is by the end of it you can be just exhausted but if it is workable that not every weekend is like that. Then I think it is some thing you can mark as a fun event . Just my little way of trying to find the positive. Now I am off to do my catch up with a happy smile. Have a great day all.

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  1. I'm picturing the water fight. I think that's so fun!