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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Inner Strength

As any one who knows my blog knows I have a major love of clouds. This cloud I found particularly gorgeous because it looks to be lit from inside. They look like the background to some renaissance painting. But what makes it magic is that I took this picture in my own front yard. So any how the reason I used this was to talk about inner strength.
So many times recently I have seen people just give up on things. Now we all should know when to walk away but some times it happens to fast.
Well here and now I vow not to be one of those people. I truly believe as soon as you give up once it gets that much easier to do the next time. I am of course not talking about relationships and abuse or any thing like that just plain old determination. No we will not all end up in our dream jobs and challenges will come. Some times dreams will have to be let go and replaced by new dreams that fit a new life situation but one thing is for sure we will not get there with out embracing our inner strength. Just some thing I had in my head today. Have a great day yall.


  1. Thank you! That was inspiring. Yeah, sometimes we don't hang on long enough as inner success could be right around the corner when we least expect it. But it does not mean to be delusional when things arn't working. Just tweek our dreams when need be!


  2. Those clouds look scary to me. I'd be hiding out in my bed if I saw those!

    I received the print and it is absolutely amazing! It's even nicer than I thought it would be. I love it so much. Thank you!!!!

  3. I love cloud pictures and this one is fantastic. Thank you for the inspiration - inner strength.....we all have it, even though at times we have doubt. Thanks for the encouraging words. :)