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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Second Prize

These are both hand made by me and who know I may even end up throwing in a extra one. The first tough chick is a image I painted as a 5x7 shrunk and essentially decoupaged to a clay tablet. I love that go get em attitude.
The second is a Abstract hand painted tile that I just love the pops of color on. It is a hand shaped clay that I glazed after painting. It is also a one of a kind. No one will have one exactly like this.
I hope this makes you want to enter it is easy to do so. Tomorrow I will talk about the 3rd prize then I am hoping for a awesome surprise featured artist the next day.
Have a great day
Cappy Sue
oh If you would like to see more of my charms just look here this is my new little shop
and if you would like to enter contest the rules are in the post directly below this.


  1. The smiling robot is so cute! It's my fave.


    I twittered your giveaway

  3. Ahh! Thanks for the comment you put on my blog! My sister is amazing! She's technically my sister-in-law but I love her like she's my real sister. You should call your sister. :)