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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Sky Was Raining Black Hearts

Hello all and thanks to my new followers. The last few days have been fun and challenging. I am a lady of routine I like to do things when I have them planned but none of that happened. What came out of this was a great few days. My to do list of art projects has a fresh adding of about 15 things. My crafts to go to shows etc are all ready at a moments notice and best of all tons of new dreaming inspiration.

I love the dreams with the images I must commit to paper or canvas. Yesterday morning I dreamed of running threw a park to a street light in the distance. There were storm clouds swirling heavy and some thing big and wet far to big to be rain drops was falling upon the ground. As I got to the street light I could see illuminated stood this woman with little curls falling just one per side out of her hair. Then I realized the things flopping to the ground were tons of human hearts all wet like with blood but black.

So yesterday I set to painting her face as I could not make out her clothing. I also painted it with the traditional love heart not the human heart but may do another version. When I woke up I was hearing the words in my head "she just stood there while the sky was raining black hearts". I just thought this was weird funny little story of inspiration to share.

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