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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Third and final Prize

These are two very different bookmarks. They are small matte board paintings given clay frames all glazed then have a added bit of raffia string to keep your place in a book. Kids would love them or many adults. No one will have one like these as both are totally one of a kind. Please remember it is easy to enter and here's the rules yall.

1.Go to any of my shops you see on the blog find you favorite item and come back here and post it. You could also twitter my giveaway or a item and post a link to it here as a entry. must follow the blog to win and leave me a way to contact you like your blog or a e-mail what ever you chose.

3.I will draw 3 winners 1st name drawn wins first prize on down the line. That will be done on July 1st.
4.I will contact you and ship it to you any where in the United States.

I hope this sounds like fun to you. You are welcome to enter once a day if you like.


  1. Mama's little piggy painting is my new favorite item. :)

  2. it ends july 1st I am really hoping to get a few more entries sniff sniff hehe

  3. Me too! I want to do my own giveaway on my blog.