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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Visits From Family

Well I wanted to write about a visit with my father yesterday. Right when he got here as he was just stopping by to pick up some thing I printed out for him a rain storm hit. The cloud picture is from just before he got here. With rain pouring down and winds pretty fierce I insisted he stay for lunch. We had some left over homemade vegetable soup and a cool whip Gram cracker treat. We laughed and talked for about a hour and a half. While I talk to my father every day or so just because we like to keep up and have lots of family time as a whole with him. This made me realize some thing. That is how special alone time where family is important. We always try to get every one together at one time and this really made me think about how nice it is to get to have one on one time with your family. So today I am calling my father to see if we can make a weekly lunch date. So my little thought for the day is to make sure you spend time with the folks who matter to ya.

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  1. That is some cloud! I love the colors of it...glad you were able to get the picture.

    Time alone with the ones we love is precious. I know we all get busy living our hectic-paced lives, forgetting to stop and do what is most important to us. My hat's off to you for making a weekly date with your Dad. Time with family is special...sometimes we don't realize what we are missing. ~Debbie