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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Book Review

OK well I don't know why but ever since my first book report in oh the 1st or 2ND grade I have written if nothing else a very brief review of every book I read. So why not share those here on the occasion after all what could be better than a review of a book from 1964 that as far as I can tell made no huge splash. But hey as you can tell from the photos above it does have a nifty cover that looks like it means business. I just loved the worn stained look of this book. It has hand written dates from previous owners from the 70s-80s and I wonder what they thought when they read it. I also wonder why some one put check marks in certain spots. Was it a book club choice some thing for school. What ever it was will remain a mystery but I love that it has one. So in closing the following is my review of said book. I hope it makes you want to run out and find it.

The Q Document A Book Review
It was written by a man named James Hall Roberts and printed in 1964. This book started off a bit slow to me. It shared a thread with the book “Condemned To Devils Island” as well. Both the main Characters in this case Cooper were barely stand able. The morose bland attitude of Cooper in most every situation made me gasp for air feeling to confined just to read about him fictitious or not. The 4 other main players in the book Willa, Myoko, Hawkins, Father O Conner are all eccentric in one way or another to say the least which kept the book fairly interesting. Seeing where Cooper would fall on his line of morality when dealing with them and there own off kilter sensibilities.
For Me the last 100 pages of the book made the first 178 worth it. With the big revelation which I would of put much further ahead about Coopers wife I finally felt a understanding of him. While any reader novice or not would expect only great loss could lead to his current apathy. That big turn really gave him life. It made it all make sense. It made him sad and not just well for lack of a better word a prick.
You must not forget the constant yet never present Martin Baum-Brenner. What a ingenious way the man worked and I was so delighted to find the answer to his activities. Any one could understand the desire for survival but it was lovely to see he also left such a genius key to his activities.
Well all in all the end while not what I wanted made me excited for the future of all involved and feel better for the time spent reading the book

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  1. I love the simplicity of the book cover. Todays publishers could take a hint.