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Monday, July 13, 2009

Candy Land and Other Wonderful Places

This is a painting I just finished all about imagination. A few weeks ago I had a dream involving a surreal world of gingerbread houses and candy canes. I loved the dream it was a really fun place to be. It also inspired me to create some candy charms for my shop CappySueClay as well it inspired this painting and soon to be print.

It really brought home imagination for me. How going to the petting zoo can help you imagine a petting zoo world. Maybe a day in the garden can help you think up a tomato plant fight. What ever it is next time you are doing some thing mundane try to imagine some thing crazy inspired by the project and see how it inspires you. Today I think I may be working on a little painting of a coffee pot putting a sleep additive in the coffee. Hehe who knows. Just remember to have fun.

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