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Friday, July 17, 2009

Change and how it effects our lives

Hello all. I am writing today all about change. Recently I have started trying to watch the flexing of life as options fade and new ones emerge. While if I intend to I will try most any thing
. Change has always been some what frightening for me.
It is funny to think of it like this but recently I have started thinking of change as a living being. It to me has all of the characteristics. It is some what like a stray cat. If you get a cat or say start doing little changes to your life more will come looking for their friend. For me I have been redecorating my home putting up old things changing them around giving things new life.
From this I noticed a seemingly unrelated up cropping of change.
First was a unresolved question. Those drive me nuts because I always want a absolute. The second was a possibility of change for my husband in his work place. The third was a shift in my dreaming.
So again this led me to think about change as a living being. It eats to stay alive. It eats complacency or routine. It can die if you refuse to feed it long enough. It has mobility as it can go to many people at once and just rooting around in one persons life in many areas. So I guess to me change is some thing akin to fire. Great if used in moderation.
So now here is my question. If change is a living being. What would it look like. What type of personality would it have. I think this may be some thing I shall ponder and try to put to paint.
Oh the reason for the picture with this post is that I altered a old record cover to make that image. I would love your thoughts.
have a great day.

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