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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dream Big

This is a good day. I have been thinking a lot lately on how to make my dreams come true. I am also one of those people who thinks while your dreams may change there is no point in not dreaming big. I have had several dreams that were fairly big that have came to light. But I find the best way to get to one of those "Big Dreams" is to do several things.

First for me is to sit down and write down what that dream is. Then I break it down and I mean break it down into daily goals. Some times if it seems to elusive for that I will pick on thing I think clearly could lead me to that dream and start by making that the goal.

For instance when my husband and I wanted to get our first home where we still live we made a plan. First we looked at savings and credit. Then we looked at where we wanted to live. The steps that we took to make it possible were things like pointed credit purchases. Where we would buy some thing and the next day pay it off to bring up our credit score. We became good friends with coupons, got rid on services that were not mandatory. So as we saw our saving grow we started seeing homes. Found out about incentives to buy in our area all kinds of things. Then with in about a year we were moving into our first home. For us this was a big dream. We really wanted to be investing our money in some thing not just paying rent.

Another goal for me recently has been to get over my fear of spiders. A few weeks ago I fell and really hurt myself because I thought I saw one. So now I am making a plan to clean out all the places they lurk like the garage, basement, cellar and such. My goal will be to obviously kill them if need be but more I want to trap and release. Now I have a fear still but slowly it is getting more manageable. Which may sound weird to many but for me having the ability to lose such a silly fear is a big dream.

So Just remember to dream big for yourself and to make a plan to get to that dream. Any thing is possible.

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  1. The first postcard i find with a spider on it is for you. I promise:-)
    I you send me your button in htlm i wil put it in my blog.