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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feeling inspired even when life is not so inspiring

I want to start this post with extending my sympathy to all family and friends of a lovely team member I was acquainted with on etsy. Her name was Chromasmear on her shop. She was not a close friend to me but we had pleasant chats in the chat rooms and she was always a very kind person. RIP chromasmear.

Now on to the rest of the post.

Well this post is all about what most of my post are about. Trying to stick int here when just burying my head sounds like a much more pleasant thought. This has been a very weird week. It has had all the drama and making of a good hide on the couch with a TV remote or good book.

That is what I like to do when there are just to many emotions. How ever I have noticed that working on creative pursuits gets me threw them much faster. So I made some new clay things for my little clay shop. I also worked on a novel I have been inching threw. Took some fun photos to. I hope you like the one above. So I love to end with questions and here are two for you today. 1. how do you like to work threw emotional times.

2. Do you find creating things helps during emotional times.

thanks all for taking the time to read.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, may ChromSmear rest in peace. You must continue your wonderful creations, I LOVE MINE!!