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Monday, July 27, 2009

Furry Friendly Inspiration

Well the other day I was working on cleaning out my closets. I love to alternate my decor seasonally and love the fall so I wanted to get every thing ready to come out in a month or so. Also I have a second closet just chock full of Christmas decorations. Our home is small so my rule for myself is no more decorations than what can fit in this half closet.

So when I went thrift store shopping the other day besides a few fabulous vintage finds I cam across a awesome sleigh. It is a cute solid wood hand made sleigh The color is pine and it is just perfect to either hold a set of Christmas napkins and plate to have out for when visitors come and you want to indulge in coffee and cake. Or it could hold some holiday themed stuffed animals on a season long sleigh ride. Some one clearly took the time to make this lovely piece and here I am getting it at a off season at the thrift store price of $1.50. So of course this treasure had to come home.

Any how as I work on finding the perfect spot on top of my jinga of red and green decorations I looked up and see the kitties investigating the sleigh. So I snapped a couple of picks I thought I would share because they cracked me up.

Now my awesome friends have inspired me to do holiday portrait of each of them riding in it. I am sure that will be a fun day. So again I just wanted to give a special nod to my favorite muses the furry ones.