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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am Boycotting the NFL

Well I for one am in shock. Here the NFL has allowed Michael Vick back in conditional or not. The man took part in drowning, beating, hanging and electrocuting dogs that did not win in his dog fighting club. He only confessed after 3 of his people admitted their parts and turned on him. Now I agree if he has served his time regardless of how unfair the amount was in my opinion he should be allowed to be free.

What is horrific is that the man has been embraced by the NFL. This is a organization that knows very well children watch and they are a family activity in many homes. Who in there right mind would now let their child watch a game knowing they avidly support and allow back a man who is a convicted animal killer. Why would they put children in such danger who watch for their heroes often in sports.

I mean Janet Jackson has a breast show on the half time game and they are up in arms how they did not know and don't support that. But your willing to roll the dice on giving a killer prime air time.

Clearly every one will have to make their own choices but I am boycotting not only the NFL but as well any products that buy air time during the games, what ever channels carry the games and any one who supports them. I will also be going to protest any official games played close to my home. Fine let him have a life and build for himself but in no way should he just go back to his old life. I mean come on those dogs that were tortured with no defense will not be going on in there life.

The fact that Michael Vick does not recognize that he should have no place in a position where children will see him as a role model clearly shows a complete lack of sincere remorse.

So in closing while this is my first official boycott in some time I ask all of you who read this and feel the desire please boycott to. Write the NFL tell them how you feel. Boycott all companies that support the NFL and tell every one you know.


  1. I totally agree. He is a monster!!

  2. Ditto and amen. I don't watch NFL anyway!!

  3. I personally think he should still be in jail. If he had of done what he did to a person he would be. The NFL will only start to suffer if advertising and sponsorships drop, and the sad thing is, I don't think there are enough people that care about the issue for that to happen :/ hopefully I am wrong. there might be a lot of backlash over this, and I hope it does cause them to rethink it, but if what he did doesn't make the NFL stop and think in the first place, hard to say what will :/ (glad I don't watch it anyway)