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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well this monster is made of clay and just a cute interpretation of a sea monster. But today I am going to talk about a lot of different monsters. It started last night when I talked to a friend and carried over to this morning.

The 3 biggest monsters to avoid just my opinion here. First of course is friendpire. Also known as the psychic vampire. you know those people who when you finish talking to them you feel like a run down battery.

The second is your own monsters. The ones we hide away and tell ourselves are horrible facts about us. Remember that slaying your own monsters is your only choice. No one can get to them in your head but you. After all you can not change that past just what you do now.

The third is of course the real monsters. The ones who do things like the scum running a dog fighting ring less than 100 miles from my home. There are far worse ones to but just avoid them all. They attache to a person like athletes foot to a uncleaned shower.

Now we have covered the bad monsters lets investigate the good.

The first one is big foot. Come on in this day and age if you can find some one who knows what there doing in the woods and is fairly clever enough not to get caught. Then hey they might be a keeper.

The second is soft ones. While your pets may be monsters to your shoes and furniture they are just big babies to you. Always embrace the furry.

The third one is again our own. If your inner monster has a positive effect on your life let that monster run free from time to time. It can be a real hoot. I find it also gives me great insight on the other parts of my life.

So in closing I hope you all got a kick from my list. And another question. What is your favorite monster out there.

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