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Thursday, July 30, 2009

What My Mom Did Right

OK so what brought on a post about my mom it is not her birthday or the anniversary of her death. Well it is very simple.

Last night I came down with a cold. Just your every day run of the mill NyQuil fearing cold. As I got up very late to get a hot cup of tea and clear my congestion I thought of her. From the time I was a little kid my mother gave me tea for congestion.

Then I got thinking about horror stories from childhood where people say oh my parents did this and this. Well so did mine they were nutty to say the least but sitting enjoying my tea I also thought about what they did right.

When I was a little kid about 7 the local mall had a beauty pageant. I wanted nothing to do with it till I found out you could win toys. So upon my request to enter my mother said sure. She got out my cutest dress found out what all the rules were and took me down to the pageant.

There were 3 sections. The first was were they asked you questions and if I remember correctly I laughed out loud at the host question. My response was what does it matter I am a kid. And sadly I don't remember the question.

The second part was come out wearing casual wear. Well there I came wearing my jeans and a cute little shirt. While all the other girls moms put make up on them my mother grinned and ignored it. When I pointed it out she said well would you like to wear some. Being the Tom Boy that I was of course the answer was no. My mother leaned down and whispered to me good you don't need it. So after our first parade down the runway we were to put on our fancy clothing.

This is where I was shocked. For a long time my parents had made every effort to get me to stop trying to run around in my undies. So when I discovered we were supposed to just strip down where half the mall could see and people were walking by I refused. I remember my sister saying don't you want to win. I said not if I have to get naked. My mother said OK you know this might hurt your chances. I said yes. She said do you just want to go down in what you have on? Again I said yes.

While other mothers rolled there eyes my mother fixed my bow and sent me back down there wearing what I was happy in.

I got Honorable mention which meant a free barbie and was very pleased.

I am always going to think of how my mother let me be who I was. That was one of many awesome things about her. So today I encourage you all to be who you are and tell your moms thanks for teaching you to do so. Oh the photo is of that day we got a victory ice cream there after. I so wish I had a picture of my mother and how proud she was that her kid was different that day.

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