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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Featured Etsy Seller Littleclaybabies

Hello all I had recently gotten out of the habit of featuring shops then I came across some really great ones and just had to share. This shop I want to talk about today is Littleclaybabies. This lady makes small and miniature clay creations. I bet she can make bigger if you ask.

I saw her shop and fell in love with the sweet expressions and amazingly creative creations she comes up with. So I asked her to do a custom work for me of two very special Christmas ornaments. They were to be my father and his friend riding horses. She took every detail and put it in that I asked about. They look so accurate I laugh every time I see them. Littleclaybabies is the very model of professionalism. She always responded back promptly to any questions. Made sure I was happy with them. Let me also mention that I did not need any changes as she made them so perfectly. When they showed up which was also very fast they were wrapped great and safely. They look every bit if not even better in person. So after having such a wonderful experience with a shop I just wanted to share it. Her little animals have a very reasonable price range I think if any thing to low for her wonderful work. So if you are looking for a special item I suggest trying here. I will always look at these two little ornaments and love how no one else in the world has exactly these. So any how here is a link to this wonderful shop. . I also posted her wonderful work on my ornaments above.

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