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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet Emma

So I want to introduce yall to some one. Her name is Emma. I don't know why but recently I have felt compelled to create dolls from scratch. So while my talents are sub par at best. I continued to produce this little doll. I created her in whole. First Emma had her head, hands, and feet made of clay. I then painted and glazed them. Next I stitched this poor girls frock and filled her with stuffing. So I am not sure exactly why I needed to make her but now I have a Emma. Her is my question. What should I do with her. Do I put her out on display? not sure because well she is less than perfect. Do I send her out traveling like the roaming gnome? So far this is what I am leaning towards. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I hope you all had a great weekend. Oh the small yellow flowery embellishment was a Pif I got from Youllbehooked a great little shop on Etsy.

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