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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weird little Contest

So I made this doll and now I am trying to figure out what to do with her. So I started think about if I was a doll what would I want to have done with me. I quickly realized that sitting on a shelf or in a collection of freakish unrealistic animals that were stuff would not be my goal. I would want to travel. So Emma that's her name is going to be a lady of adventure. She will be traveling from me to some one and hopefully from them on to some one else and so on and so on. I would love it if Emma could travel get a picture from where ever she is with you or near by some thing you think is cool that you send me via email and we put it up on the blog. As she travels and I receive images of her I will share them here with you all.

So how do you enter because you know you like company and want to help Emma see the world. Well all you do is leave me a way to contact you and tell me what you will show Emma when she comes to visit. When I get 30 or more responses I will pick where she goes. You can be any where in the world just mention it in your post.

The rule of taking care of Emma

1. Emma is only visiting you must mail or take her to some one else. Emma is small her shipping is not that bad.

2. Please send me a picture of your adventure with Emma so we all can keep track of her.

3. Feel free to add a item to her dress or outfit to represent you or your home :)

4. Have fun and do it with love.

Well this is all lets see where you all want to take her. Have a great day all.


  1. Ha, sounds like fun. Let us know how it goes.

  2. I love this idea. Very cute! If I had Emma we would take her to New Orleans to go shopping. We would get her a Fleur De Lis to put on her dress. It would be alot of fun!