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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Argued With Edgar Allen Poe

Ok so my day has been one of those weird surreal days. It started this morning when I was happily sleeping and my dream was filled with all things odd. Of all things some crazy person at least I assume crazy person had put me in charge of a school.

Well guess who worked there yep that's right Edgar Allen Poe. He had designs of letting the children drink to work on poetry. So of course we argued. The oddest thing was how he just dramatically collapsed onto a chair. Tossing his head back he proceeded to ramble on part of Annabell Lee at me then switched off to The Raven.

I remember yelling at him to stop being so dramatic. Just my luck run into a dream of Edgar Allen Poe and I end up arguing with him.

Then more weird business. I was covered in sweat and paint and went to take a bath. While I was closing my eyes I hear thump thump of a loud stomping in our home. I thought hmm oh hubby must of got off early. Nope I come running out to say hello as the dogs are barking and not a soul. What a odd creepy day.

So any how I tossed up this little image I am debating putting up in one of my shops. Thought maybe it would provide diversion from the oddness. Have a great day all.


  1. are you kidding -think no more -that piece is fantastic- Well done!!

  2. what a dream. and did you ever figure out the source of that thumping? i love eap btw but, am sure i'd end up arguing w/him anyway. kids drinking to write poetry? he must live where pigs fly or something. :D