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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Brain Skipped A Season

Well I don't know how to explain it exactly but most of last night I had crazy dreams. That part needs no real explanation as it is my normal state. Nightly I encounter fights, cannibals, monsters, labyrinths, all kinds of troubling situations. Well last night I woke up from those dreams about 4:30 a.m. and washed my face.
As it turns out having to knife a alien who is pretending to be some one else has a startling effect on ones sleep. Then I had this dream. A low beat of giant drum with wind rushing by my ears. Then a crying violin played along. My eyes were filled with images of snow and ice and even some of my own pictures of winter. Which normally I love but some thing about this unnerved me. I tried to speak as I felt some one else was watching these images yet I could not speak a word. I would try and find myself unable to be clear over and over. It go really weird when I woke up. I was freezing like I was out in the snow. I had covers just like normal and my husband was right next to me. Even my mouth felt cold my gums like when you talk in the winter outside were cold. I got a extra blanket and snuggled even closer to the husband. The poor man was in a dead sweat when he woke up.
So any thoughts on my creepy little dream ?

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  1. Hey Cappy Sue,

    I had a friend tell me last week to just say stop in your dream to stop and change the weirdness. I haven't had any dreams yet to try this on.