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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Postive Wednesday

Hello all I am doing my second week of positive Wednesday. This is one of those post just meant to keep the good mojo going.

I am starting with a picture of my new fairy house line . This is the first one I made and I am really enjoying the others I am working on. This line suits my mindset right now.

So what is new that you are working on.

Now for the official list of 5 things that are positive today

1. I am very grateful for laughing. I watched a very silly show with my hubby and he made me laugh so hard my face hurt afterwards.

2. For the cool weather nothing in the world inspires me like fall leaves and a cool windy day.

3. My recent boost of sales always nice to feel what you do is appreciated.

4. Aurthur the neighbors dog he came and visited yesterday after a escape from his yard. His big smile left me smiling. Never saw a dog so pleased with himself.

5. surprises had a couple of those this week and it was just lovely.

So what are you grateful for today :)

thanks all have a great day.

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