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Monday, September 28, 2009

Spooky Happenings

So as I have mentioned before I love the fall I have also noticed this is when the spooky factor comes up greatly. Recently we have had some odd little things happen around here. I thought you might enjoy them. Why not see if we cant raise the hair on the back of your necks.

So OK my weird things. First the dreams are off the charts lots of dreams all crazy and spooky. Then the awake time stuff is whats really weird.

There is a photo of my grandparents there engagement photo actually that I keep out all the time. I have it right next to my spot to sit and drink coffee in the morning. I turn and look at it every morning. My grandma was a very social person and loved any reason to celebrate. So I put a pretty ceramic pumpkin next to her photo. Well I turned around to look at the photo and my lovely fall decorations and the pumpkin was gone.

This greatly confused me because I thought why would my husband move my pumpkin. It is not like he is into decorating. We also have no kids so I knew no one else would move it.

So with that I was up and looking all over trying to figure out why my pumpkin was not there. finally after looking all over I stuck a post it to my phone. I wrote to myself to ask the husband if he called. Then I went back to have my coffee. When I walked in I just stopped there was my pumpkin right in its place.

The second bit of creepy was very similar. I like to wipe every thing down with a cleaner a couple times a week. Well I was wiping off the coffee table and could not find my coasters that normal sit in a holder on them. They are large silver and very noticeable. I actually thought to myself OK you are cleaning a totally empty table where could they be. So again I went hunting and again I found nothing. I walked back into the room to get my cleaners and they were sitting dead in the middle of the table. I again stood with my mouth open slightly confused.

Then this was the creepy third thing. I was on the front porch and if you look in the front door you can see all the way to the back porch. I was drinking a cup of tea and just watching the sunset. I kept feeling like I was being watched so I turned around. My thought was oh must be a kitty wanting to visit. I saw my back porch and what looked like a shadowy figure move across it. Then it was gone. It freaked me out because at first I thought burglar. So here are my little creepy moments. Please share yours. Have a great day yall.


  1. The fae love to cool, crisp fall air and, it seems, playing bits of trickery on you.... Leave them a small saucer of milk and some bread of the like, and they may calm a bit....

  2. ha its funny you mention that it did start about the same time I started working of fairy houses for my clay shop