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Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Makes someone unprofessional

Hello again all I write this after a lengthy discussion with a dear friend today and random incidents in the day. Today I watched someone become unglued because they did not get the answer they wanted on a chat room. I also saw a waitress put her finger up for a customer to stop in mid order so she could answer her cell phone. Then my favorite. I went to a little bazaar type thing today and had the woman running the booth telling her friend who was with her every detail of her yeast infection while I was checking out her jewelry. You guessed it I walked away from that booth.
So here is my question. What do you think makes people unprofessional. I ask because I am self employed and I represent myself at many events, and venues of all kind from my etsy shop on up to trying to get my work in catalogs. Now these things I have mentioned clearly are not any thing I would do but I am curious really what do you think is the biggest unprofessional thing many people do. I am wanting to know so I can make sure that it is not part of how I appear on my professional time. Thanks all any input would be great.


  1. i guess a number of things:

    1. training or lack thereof
    2. lack of breeding or poor breeding
    3. culture
    4. thoughtlessness
    5. lack of comprehension of basic courtesies

    the definition of professionalism varies across the country. my jaw barely wiggles how here whereas it dropped every ten minutes when i first moved into the area. and people are heavily influenced by the media, especially tv.


  2. I think this is an interesting post. One silly thing that bothers me is when we go to sit down restaurants and the waiter or waitress interrupts our conversation to ask if we are ready, if we need anything, etc. And if you notice, it's VERY common. on the rare chance that a waiter or waitress pauses for us to finish our sentence, I notice because it so rarely happens. and it's silly, probably, and i realize it's silly but then at the same time how long does it take to finish a sentence? a few seconds? & it makes a big difference in how self-aware the person seems and i always try to tip better than i would have when i notice a waiter doesn't interrupt.