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Monday, October 12, 2009

Addiction Can Be Fun

Well at least if it is to none harmful things. I was digging in a old jewelry box filled with things from grab bags of jewelry I bought over the years. Some times I would find a great item some times just stuff to break up and use for a project.

When I saw this though it stopped me in my tracks. It is a old sniffer. It was used on the finger of ladies mostly I believe to get snuff and some times more exotic items up to their face. I did this picture of it by accident as I considering throwing it up in my vintage shop.

This made me think about how we all have our little addictions and I thought how fun to list a few of our own. I will do 6 but feel free to do as many as you like.

The most interesting may receive a print of this image.

my addictions

1. Coffee - could not function with out it

2. Tea - my replacement for coffee the second half of the day

3. flirting- always in moderation at to appropriate people but lots of fun

4. pets- cant have just one like potato chips

5. Creating- does not matter what I am doing no length of time can pass before I find a way to make some thing pretty

6. Oldies - movies, music, images does not matter I love them all

So whats your addictions.


  1. My fave addiction:

    I can't have enough of it. Don't tell my hubby. lol


  2. Creativeness... must be doing something at all times



    Milk, I must have a glass of milk everyday.

  3. Beads. Books. Beads.

    Cheers~ DutchTouchBeads