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Friday, October 23, 2009

Dried Flowers, Early Morning and Big Dreams

Well today I am blogging more of a crazy little rant while enjoying my coffee break than really doing a focused commentary. It is very early here only 7 and I have been up for hours. I thought why not change up the routine and do some blogging before getting my work and errands done. Have to tell ya sitting in front of my office area window with it pitch dark Lil bit creepy.

OK on to the dried flowers. Well I salvaged these from the garden prior to the frost hitting. Oddly enough my tomatoes are still producing. I am starting to suspect they are immortal. Might be in for a attack of the killer tomatoes kind of Halloween. Who knows hehe.

In any case any ideas what to do with the flowers. Worn out on the wreath and bundle making.

Next topic well early morning.

I have been writing for a hour or so a story from a dream. It has sea serpents, morphing people all the crazy stuff. I love the morning for that kind of thing.

Also loving the morning news. Just saw where some robes are being recalled for being linked to 9 deaths. What I find odd is they don't mention how they are linked. Was it dye? Was it fabric? Was it poltergeist?? Hmm come on news people be more specific.

Well this is about all for my little rant. Hope you got a giggle or two. Now it is I am sure obviously clear why I wait till I have been up a little longer to blog :) Have a great weekend all.

thanks for reading


ps. These pics were just odd random ones except the dried flowers. Thought hey who does not need a little odd in their day :)

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