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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Featured Artist This Week is LuLu Design

Hello all I am moving my gratitude Wednesday to tomorrow because I really wanted to get this lady up on my blog.
She has a lovely shop with work that seems to bring a feeling of calm and peace as you look at it. What really adds to the uniqueness of her shop is she is also a intuitive or psychic which ever you prefer to call it. What better shop could there be to feature than one that covers a topic on many minds this time of the year.
So here are some questions I have asked her as well peppered in some of my favorite photos of her and her work. Also I am using some photos from her lovely blog with her permission of course.
My first question was when did you realize you had some abilities others did not?
Her Answer: I am going to refer to my psychic-medium abilities in response to this question. My first really big moment of realization came when I stood up in a mediumship development circle I had just joined and made an instant connection with someone who had passed over. I immediately sensed and saw images of what they looked like, where they lived, what they were like, who they were around, stuff like that. That really blew my mind because I had never before witnessed mediumship or knew what to expect at all! It was quite exhilarating and fascinating and I've been hooked ever since on connecting with the spirit world!
My next question was when did you realize these intuitive/psychic abilities were a part of your art work?
My psychic-medium abilities were definitely enhanced by my work as a professional artist since 1993. Being an artist is similar in a way to being a psychic because both skills can allow one to access other worlds. Being a psychic and being an artist require deep concentration and focus to the point of obsession and allow one to connect with other realms and beings. So it wasn't that much of a leap to turn my art work (which is often created in series) into four decks of oracle cards that I use for my psychic readings. I was also guided by a dream to turn my Lefty artwork (a series of over 500 drawings created over a period of five years with my non dominant left hand) into cards that I was to use for online readings exclusively . The day after I received that dream was when I started offering readings on etsy and I haven't stopped since! I've also gone on to create a blog and website as well. Currently I work with a Lefty Oracle deck, a Goddess Zodiac deck, a Fairy Herbal Healing deck and a Celtic Tree Oracle deck. They don't follow any system such as a tarot deck does, but instead serve to emphasize and expand upon a psychic reading in a visual, healing and informative way. All the decks, except for the Lefty deck come with written information explaining the meaning behind the card ie. herbal healing, zodiac, goddess and Celtic druidic wisdom. There are always clues in the information that can guide one to enhance their reading and to work with it on their own to bring about inspiration, healing or shifts in energy that will hopefully encourage the client to move forward and make changes in their life or in their habitual responses and patterns.
My third question was what is your favorite part of creating the art work?
Her response was : love to be in the moment - painting is all about expressively, emotionally and passionately connecting with heart energy. I love the feeling of going deeply into all kinds of emotions; difficult, painful, joyous and ecstatic ones - they are all expressions of who we are as human beings. I paint so that I can bring forth these feelings into the world in a healthy and almost cathartic process.
So now that you have read this all about this lady who has so much good energy around her you want to know more. Her are some links to her.
The etsy shop is The blog is this is a link to her sneak peak of this interview. Which is on her lovely now you know where to find out about her beautiful art and where you can get your own reading done. Thanks all of reading.
Oh I will be announcing later the winner of my giveaway I started yesterday. Want to leave it open for the last few hours.

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