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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ghost Story Phantom Motorcycle

Hi all I thought what better way to kick off the weekend than a lovely and true ghost story for ya. OK all this is a weird story with death and creepiness all combined. about 12 years ago is when the story occurred and I dug it up to enter into the computer.

The Phantom Motorcycle

On night as we did many times my sister and I drove around a tiny town we used to live in. We would listen to music talk and do all that sisterly stuff. Well around midnight or or we were going along on a very back road. It was two lanes surrounded by fields of soy beans and corn. There were no street light not for over a mile.

We were prattling on about our romances, dreams what ever random events of the day had occurred. Our conversation got louder and louder till finally we turned the music off. We could hardly hear ourselves over the motorcycle behind us on the road.

Finally I turned to my sister and said "God just let him pass" . This is when my sister looked up and responded with "No one is there."

I told her that he must just be farther back or some thing. We rolled down the windows so we could hear better how close he was. Then is got louder and the sound came up next to us. It seemed to keep even with us for about 30 seconds. You could feel a presence. It seemed almost to be saying hello. Then the sound picked up drove past us and you could even hear the direction it turned at the end of the street as it went drove away.

So That night we went home and talked about how creepy it was because we looked every where there was no other cars and no lights. No one would be fool enough to try and drive those dark fields with no lights.

About 3 days later we received a call. The same night we heard a motorcycle. A domestic dispute had resulted in the death of a man we both new. His daughter had once been my brothers girlfriend.

My sister and I looked at each other in shock as we both new. The man did not have a car he only had a motorcycle. He lived on the road we were driving and loved driving around looking at the night sky.

So to this day we go back on that night and drive the road in honor of the person we knew as well because he was a man who loved fun and we thought he would appreciate the humor of it. So you have any ghost stories to share.

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