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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gratitude on Thursday

Hello all I changed up gratitude Wednesday yesterday just for this week so I will be going over that today. Also Congratulations to Naturescounselor who won my print giveaway by retweeting it yesterday.

So on to the gratitude list.

1. I am grateful for warm oatmeal on chilly days nothing better when you are trying to stay warm.

2. I am grateful for all the spooky movies that have been on I love them.

3. I am grateful for thick blankets, hot tea and the smell of cinnamon sticks. they make every thing cozy.

4. I am grateful for the dog coat that I made for my poor old arthritic dog. Why I am grateful is that well she looks ridiculous in it. I cant help but laugh every time I see it let alone on her. Don't worry those pics are soon to come.

5. I am grateful for the extra time I have had recently to catch up on all my little projects. Time to savor what your doing is so important.

So as always her is my question. What are you grateful for?

Oh the photo with this post is one I took the other day then altered when I was out and about in town. It is fall and spooky all at once how fitting for this time of year.

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