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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday And My Mom

Well Today Is my Moms birthday. We lost her at 59 she would be 65 this year. I put up her favorite photo which is actually a photo from a oil painting of her when she was 26 or so. It Just feels right to talk about her and the good memories of her today. So my gratitude list will be of things to do with her.

1) I am grateful for her love of animals she passed that on to me. I don't think she ever met a animal she did not like. She loved her cats so that we even mentioned them in her obituary.

2) Her sense of adventure. While yes it got us into trouble more than once. Lost in terrible neighborhoods, traveling across the smokies on $17.00, she always instilled in us the desire to travel. On of my memories of going to sleep as a child is her describing what it would be like when we visited china. I truly am grateful she made me unafraid to go or try damn near any thing.

3) Her laugh it was the best laugh ever. She would get laughing so hard she would turn purple and you would have to calm her down or she would literally choke herself. That smiling purple face still makes me laugh.

4) Her love of music she introduced me to Roy Orbison, Elvis, Sam Cook, The Chiffons, all the great music and made it part of our lives. My favorite memory of that is driving when I was maybe 4 with her and singing "Side by Side"

5) I don't have this but it is one thing I really admired in her. She could forgive any one any thing. While I think it may have hurt her in many ways. Having that kind of kindness is some thing I was always in awe of.

I hope some where she knows I am writing this. She always loved being in the spotlight in any way and I think she would like this. So tonight I shall watch her favorite movie and drink her favorite wine. Have a great day all.



  1. What a wonderful, beautiful tribute to your mom! As a mother, I hope I have given my own children memories to be grateful for. I think she would be proud of you!

  2. Enjoy the movie and wine ~ great reflections on your Mom :)

  3. how fantastically talented are you ? Great post

  4. Thanks so much you all and hope your having a great day.

  5. This is amazing Cappy... that oil painting is beautiful, what a gorgeous heart-felt way to remember your mother - my thoughts and virtual hugs are with you! x