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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday House of Love

Hello all this is been a very busy week full of fun and work. I have literally found myself so tired I fell asleep standing. That has been awesome as I have always been one of those who believed the whole "You can sleep when your dead" thing. This busy time is giving me a great momentum at the moment.

So I wanted to show you my newest fairy house in my line at my clay shop. This is the 3rd installment. This is the fairy house of love. What could be more fitting for a gratitude Wednesday.

I made this out of clay. It is meant to look a little crazy kinda like love. I painted it and put on red hearts. I then wrote "I love you" on it in about 50 languages. The roses were added because what says I love you like red roses. Oh and dont forget the jewelry salvage hearts I put on like little sky light windows. I hope it gives you a happy little feeling when you see it to.

Now on to the gratitude list.

1. I am grateful for all the creativity that has been around recently. My book of ideas is so full I am on to a second book.

2. For old friends. I spent one day at the river chatting with a old friend. It was a day well spent.

3. For my awesome customers. Recently I have gotten more than one message about how happy some one was when they received one of my items. That makes every one smile.

4. For crazy dreams because as much as they can keep me up I would truly miss them if they were gone.

5. For love all kinds today just feels like a day of love. My hubby, family, friends, pets, nature, God just every one.

Have a good day all and tell me what your grateful for please.




  1. Great Gratitude List!
    I'm giving you a Lovely Blog's just a shout out for having a fun, well written blog! Kudos to you! Cheers ~

  2. love your list - think I'll make one it is such a great idea! You are very talented- love the house and the marshmallow charm!!