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Friday, October 30, 2009

Ideas For decorating For the Holidays

Ok so this is maybe a little early but I like to start planning now little things to make and do to make the fall and holiday season more fun. Especially as times are so tough economically across the board I wanted to bring up some low cost ways to plan for the holidays.
You can start finding these ideas here every Friday.
Here is what the picture above is about though. It is a Holiday idea. My hubby and I have collected one special ornament and made or bought a few nice ones till we have a big tree full. I cant help it I like my tree to shine. So this year I was looking at my box of Christmas stuff that I never know what to do with. I have been given some pins of my mothers and grandmothers that they wore at Christmas.
Well I am not big on wearing the pins they are not my style. I do grin every time I see them though. Both ladies loved to wear them and always like to celebrate. So That is where this idea came from. I took one pin and left the back on in case in years to come I want to move it. I then sewed it loosely to a felt square I sewed up with a red ribbon edge. The ribbon also has sentimental value. On the back I make it white cotton. I am intending to print up on iron on paper a small story of each ornament and whom they belonged to then iron it on the back.
I will add some yarn or a hook which ever is more convenient to it and then put them up on my tree.
These ornaments will make a lovely family heirloom and I will post more as I get them done. I have talked to my sister and I may even make her some. So I hope you like the idea. Maybe you have some pretty jewelry of any kind really you can do the same with to keep your loved ones near in the holiday season. Any how I would love to know what you think and if you have and ideas. I will put up another season decorating idea next week.
Happy Halloween and have a great weekend yall

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