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Monday, October 19, 2009

So How Many Directions Are You Pulled ?

Well last night I was really tired. I had baked part of the day for my business. Then I went down stairs and worked on a home improvement project which involves me and a sledgehammer. That has been going on for days.
I came back up stairs after painting and did some sewing for a customers custom order. Then cleaned the house and made dinner. The other list of things not included here could go on and on.
What this got me thinking on is that I have no kids. Well OK no human kids. But I am also one of those people who makes time for themselves. I don't let a cell phone keep me on call. Hell I don't even have a answering machine. I give my customers my email and check it regular in case they call and I am not home.
So any how being as I feel pulled in so many different directions I can only imagine what those with the drive to say yes, those with children and those who hate to disappoint must feel.
So today I got up very early. I did all the things I have to do today. I put up this picture of my kitty with her tongue out because well that is what I am doing today. Today I play hooky and razz the world.
Tomorrow I will be back to work :)
Here is my question. What do you do to unwind and how many ways do you feel pulled. Just thought this might be a good dialog to open.


  1. Great Question..Awesome pic of your cat! I can relate ~
    How many directions am I pulled? Let's not go, husband, job, family, etsy store, house, civic volunteering..feeding family, ..and not doing a good job of unwinding...going to get a membership at a little local gym tonight...I'm putting me back on the list :)

  2. Your kitty is too cute :)

    Usually to unwind.. I go to sleep or clean. Organizing my studio over and over is kinda fun.

    Thing I do: Laundry, pick up after husband, drive husband around when he is bored (he was hurt in the Air Force and can't drive) chase cats around when they are destroying things, run my etsy shop, orders, create new items (not a chore at all :p) all while we are remodling the whole house.

    I need a nap.