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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spooky True Ghost Story

Well as you all know I love to try and creep you and myself out about this time of year. So here is another strange tale of paranormal to creep ya out.
I was having a party for my friend. She was having a second baby and very depressed. She had also given away all of her baby stuff. So getting ready for the shower my mother and sister helped.
I picked my friend up took her to my home. As all the guest greeted us. My sister and mother seemed to be vacant. My sister peeked around the corner in the kitchen and motioned for me to come in.
I did so. As the other guest took the pregnant guest of honor into the party. Apparently just as we pulled in my sister heard a dripping in the kitchen. A cabinet that was on a opposite wall to the sink had water dripping out of it.
Her and my mother thought oh no a pipe must be leaking. They opened the cabinet that only stored cookbook and was attached to the ceiling. They told me that what seemed like gallons of water and judging from the mess they were right came bursting out at them. When we cleaned it up it got really weird. There was no signs of pipes or any thing of that nature. All the cook books were dry and it never happened again. Let me tell you that was one weird party trying to explain to guest.
Have a good weekend yall.

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